A teenage Beatles fan in her room, 1964. Photo by Peike Reintjes.

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Title: Star Wars Artist: Moosebutter 3,769 plays


Moosebutter - Star Wars (John Williams is the Man)

May the Fourth be with you

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CBS Orders 6, Including Sherlock Holmes, GroupOn Series | EW ›

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Fatty Thor looks thoughtful, hefts Mjolnir, and holds up a finger as if he knows exactly what to do.

Challenge him to a duel!  Then, when you defeat him, shout “IF YOU CANNOT PROVE YOUR WORTH IN THE ARENA, PROVE IT IN MY CHAMBERS!”.

If that doesn’t work, you could try cooking something for him, I suppose.

If you’re not following Fatty Thor, I don’t understand what you’re doing with your life.

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Seven Nation Army | The Glitch Mob (White Stripes Remix)

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chris evans cleaning after shooting on the avengers set.

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